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Friends Of Istokpoga Committees

Protecting Lake Istokpoga is the mission and goal of the Friends of Istokpoga. It takes more than attending meetings and complaining to help our lake. If you are willing to step up and do something, like those listed below,  please volunteer to help on one of our committees, please send us an E-Mail.

Here are our current committees and the volunteers who are the chairmen of each committee:

Membership/Public Relations
These committees are responsible for membership drives and public relationship.  Its focus is on increasing the membership.  The bigger the membership the bigger our voice.  Contact Gary Lamperelli if you can help with membership.
This committee is responsible for overseeing our books and creating our budget.  Contact Roger Williams.
This committee is responsible for getting the association publicity and insuring the public and our members are aware of our meetings and special events. Contact Bert Galloway.
This committee is responsible for creating Istokpoga Newswire, our association newsletter. Contact Bill Dwinell if you have writing ability, or would like to help with the newsletter in other ways.
This committee is responsible for raising enough money so we do not need to increase our dues. The Special Recipes From Friends Of Istokpoga Cookbook is a good example of this.  This committee is also responsible for soliciting donations.  Contact Bert Galloway if you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association, Inc.
This committee is responsible for track legislative actions that might affect Lake Istokpoga or other activities that could potentially affect water bodies that might eventually affect Lake Istokpoga. Contact Audry Vickers if you know of any items we should be tracking.
Lake Istokpoga Management Committee (LIMC)
This committee is actually a committee that is run by Highlands County, Florida and is jointly chaired by Highlands County (Clell Ford) and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (Bill Pouder).  Friends of Istokpoga has a seat on this committee. Contact Bill Dwinell for more information on this, or visit our LIMC page.
Weed Control
This committee is responsible for tracking and reporting aquatic weed problems, tussock problems on the lake, and working with county and state officials to ensure the problems don't get out of control.  Contact Vickie Albritton to report any concerns or problems.
Website Development and Management
If you discover any problems or have suggestions regarding the website, please contact Bill Dwinell.
This committee will research the wetlands around Lake Istokpoga and also act as a watchdog for these wetlands for any changes that might adversely affect them. Contact Jerry Chasteen if you can help or need information on this committee.
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