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Endangered Birds of Istokpoga

This page will provide information about the birds found in and around Lake Istokpoga that have been protected by the Federal Government because of the risk to each of the species and decline of the species numbers.

Snail Kite

Possibly the best know of these birds is the Snail Kite. While this page is being developed we provide links to two articles on the Snail Kite provided by Paul Gray, Ph. D of Lorida, FL.

Per the discussion, here’s a link to our fact sheet about the lake Toho, hydrilla and Kite, situation:

And this link is to a more detailed report about the situation:

Lake Istokpoga is different from this situation in that it doesn’t have the incredible infestation of the exotic snails.  The natives can use hydrilla, but the exotics seem to do even better.  But like lake Toho, we would like to see as many Kites as possible be able to nest on Istokpoga during this down time for them.

Snail Kite pictures on Lake Istokpoga by Liz Odum.




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