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    Feature Articles of the Istokpoga Newswire
This page will provide links to some of our feature articles that were in past issues of the Istokpoga Newswire. If you would like receive articles like these when they are originally published, all you have to do is join Friends of Istokpoga.  The Newswire is mailed to all of our members and our members have access to the Members Only section of this website. Keep in mind that the articles here are only a sampling of the articles that appear in each issue of our newsletter.

Navigating Istokpoga - The Responsibility Maze -By Clell Ford (Printed February 2006)

This article outlines some of the various agencies that are all working to manage Lake Istokpoga.

Aquatic Plant Management on Lake Istokpoga -By Beacham Furse (Printed November 2005) 

This article describes the plant management that is being done on Lake Istokpoga.

Hydrilla Treatment - (Printed June 2005)

This article describes the events that took place when the treatment began and affected downstream plants.

Lake Wales Ridge Wildlife and Environmental Area
(Printed January 2004)

This article outlines what is going on at the Royce Unit of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission environmental area, including hunting plans.

The Lake Istokpoga Management Committee - By Bill Dwinell
(Printed September 2003)
This article spells out the actions taken by the committee in the summer of 2003, as well as outlining issues and concerns facing Lake Istokpoga.
Managing Fish Populations with Size Limits - By Dr. Mark Allen
(Printed April 2003)
This article explains many of the reasons for imposing size limits on bass in Florida Lakes. The article explains the key issues to the management of Lake Istokpoga.
Phosphorus and DEP - By Bill Dwinell (Printed January 2003)

This article outlines a problem with Phosphorus runoff from dairies and the apparent lack of concern DEP has when the dairies request to increase their herd sizes. The article focus is one one particular dairy in the Istokpoga Watershed and one in the Lake Okeechobee Watershed.
Phosphorus Problem in Lake Istokpoga? By Bill Dwinell (Printed October 2001)

This is a report on the current phosphorus situation in Lake Istokpoga. Some high readings have turned up in the samples taken by representatives of Highlands County.  It is time to start looking for the source(s) of this phosphorus.
Lake Restoration Update - By Bill Dwinell (Printed July 2001)
This a summary of the Lake Istokpoga Restoration project from the beginning to the completion.
Can Lake Istokpoga End Up Like Lake Okeechobee? - By Bill Dwinell and Dr. Paul Gray (Printed March 2001)
At our February meeting, Dr. Paul Gray made a wonderful presentation that spelled out some things we need to be concerned about with Lake Istokpoga. This article sums up what that presentation was.
Will G-85 Last? - By Bill Dwinell (Printed October 2000)
As a follow-up to this article, We were successful in getting SFWMD to make repairs to the G-85 structure. They told us they are now confident the structure will last until the new structure is completed.

Canals - By Bill Dwinell (Printed September 2000)

Rain, Rain, Where are you? - By Clell Ford, Highlands County lakes Manager (Printed September 2000)

Water Supply - By Bill Dwinell (Printed May 2000)
Ospreys - By Mike McMillian (Printed February 2000)Picture of a climber getting a young osprey for banding.Read the article on Ospreys.  Click on picture for larger view.
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