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We have implemented a new offering to help us better communicate with those who have an interest in Lake Istokpoga. We will be using a facility of Yahoo to add two way communication between the Directors and Officers, our members and other interested parties. It will also provide for easier communication from you to us and the other members of the message group.

Since many of you may not familiar with message groups, we will try to cover the basics here.

What is its purpose?  The intent of a message group is to share information with all of the members of the group. We are looking to share information with our members, our community, and anyone interested in the welfare of Lake Istokpoga. This especially important since we only have three membership meetings each year, and with some items it is important to get the information out quickly.

It also provides a forum for you to get answers to some of your questions.

How does it work? It is really simple. Once you are a member, all you do is send a message to the group email address ( and everyone in the group will receive your message. If you want to know about our next meeting, you send a note and one of the FOI board members will respond. But, if it is working correctly, anyone that knows the answer to a question can respond.

How do I respond to a question? There are two ways to respond: (1) if the answer is of general interest to everyone, just hit reply and your response will go to everyone. Or (2) if the answer is likely to only be of interest to the one who asked the question you send a message to their email address, and don't send it to everyone (the group).

How do I join? This is the easy part. Just enter your email address in the box below and click on the box that says "Yahoo Groups - Join Now!"

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